Orly Avitzur, MD

Avitzur O. Boost the odd that your health insurer will pay up.
Consumer Reports Money Adviser.  July 2014

Avitzur, O. Five steps to becoming a great patient.
Consumer Reports on Health May 2014

Avitzur O. Your guide to the new insurance rules.
Consumer Reports on Health. April 2014

Avitzur O. Feet hurt all the time? What to do.
Consumer Reports on Health. February 2014

Avitzur O. Exercise for everyone.
Neurology Now. February/March 2014

Avitzur O. Lower the costs of long-term care coverage.
Consumer Reports Money Adviser. December 2013

Avitzur O. Why I'm skeptical of supplements.
Consumer Reports on Health. November 2013

Avitzur O. Don't wait to plan long-term-care.
Consumer Reports.  November 2013

Avitzur O. The doctor will swap with you now.
Consumer Reports on Health. August 2013

Avitzur O. Four tips for overcoming medical phobias.
Consumer Reports on Health. April 2013

Avitzur O. Nursing homes rights and wrongs.
Consumer Reports. June 2013

Avitzur O. Five questions to ask your neurologist.
Neurology Now. June/July 2013

Avitzur O. Neurology debuts in Masterpiece Classic’s ‘Downton Abbey’: Does it make the grade?
Neurology Today. 2013;4:1,20-21

Avitzur O. Be prepared! How to make the most of office time with your neurologist.
Neurology Now. December/January 2013

Avitzur O. What my patients have taught me.
Consumer Reports. January 2013

Avitzur O. The price of being nice.
Consumer Reports. 2012

Avitzur O. Who else is paying your doctor?
Neurology Now. August-September 2012

Avitzur, O. Too many doctors can spoil your care.
Consumer Reports on Health. August 2012

Avitzur O. Double Spanx, double trouble.
ShopSmart. July 2012

Avitzur O. Your neurologist has sleep apnea.
Neurology Now. June/July 2012

Avitzur, O. Outpatient surgery: Know the risks.
Consumer Reports on Health. May 2012

Avitzur, O. HPV: A danger at any age.
Consumer Reports. February 2012

Avitzur, O. 6 secrets to share with your doctor.
Consumer Reports on Health. January 2012

Avitzur, O. Misconceptions about medication.
Consumer Reports on Health. November 2011

Avitzur, O. Surprising health benefits of giving.
Consumer Reports. December 2011

Avitzur, O. Caregiving at a distance.
Consumer Reports on Health. September 2011

Avitzur, O. How to make your doctor listen.
Consumer Reports. June 2011

Avitzur, O. Too much testing.
Consumer Reports on Health. June 2011

Avitzur, O. Help your doctor remember you.
Consumer Reports on Health. March 2011

Avitzur, O. Your doctor as salesman.
Consumer Reports.  May 2011

Avitzur O. Taking the keys from an older driver.
Consumer Reports. January 2011

Avitzur O. Ten troublesome teen trends.
ConsumerReportsHealth.org August 2010

Avitzur O. Severe snoring can signal sleep apnea.
Consumer Reports. September 2010

Avitzur O. 5 things a doctor might not tell you.
Consumer Reports on Health. July 2010

Avitzur O. "Great trip....except for the sprain."
Consumer Reports. June 2010

Avitzur O. After the earthquake, military neurologists unite to help the sick and wounded.
Neurology Today 2010;7:28-29

Avitzur O. After the earthquake, neurologists rush to Haiti, what they did and what they saw.
Neurology Today  2010;6:1,9-10

Avitzur O. Supplements for migraines.
Consumer Reports on Health. May 2010

Avitzur O. When you hit your head.
Consumer Reports on Health. April 2010

Avitzur O. A neurologist and his daughter lend a helping hand to Haiti.
Neurology Today 2010;3:1,18,19

Avitzur O. Will a pill boost your brain power?
Consumer Reports. March 2010

Avitzur O. When cold weather hurts.
Consumer Reports on Health. February 2010

Avitzur O. Six things to do in a doctor''s waiting room.
Consumer Reports on Health. January 2010

Avitzur O. What to do when you break down.
O, The Oprah Magazine. January 2010

Avitzur O. Should you prescribe neuroenhancement drugs to your patients?
Neurology Today 2009;22:12-14

Avitzur O. Your brain: use it or lose it.
Consumer Reports. October 2009

Avitzur O. When it's time to fire your doctor.
Consumer Reports on Health. July 2009

Avitzur O. First aid for coping with summer pests.
Consumer Reports. July 2009

Avitzur O. Be wary of narcotics to treat back pain.
Consumer Reports. May 2009

Avitzur O. My head is spinning.
Consumer Reports on Health. February 2009

Avitzur O. Rx for Blackberry thumb.
Consumer Reports. January 2009

Avitzur O. Are you making your headaches worse?
Consumer Reports. October 2008

Avitzur O. Tracking down migraine triggers.
Consumers Report on Health. April 2008

Avitzur O. Take two: when and why to seek a second medical opinion.
Neurology Now. 2007;6:38-39

Avitzur O. Know your rights.
Neurology Now. 2007;5:34-37

Avitzur O. Your neurologist gets migraines: Ten migraine-prevention tips from headache experts who feel your pain.
Neurology Now. 2007;4:31-33

Avitzur O. Un-planned: What to do if your health insurance doesn’t cover visits to your neurologist.
Neurology Now. 2007;4:42-43

Avitzur O. Avoid insult to brain injury.
Neurology Now 2007;2:44-45

Avitzur O. Just diagnosed--now what?
Neurology Now 2007;1:42-43

Avitzur O. Preemptive strikes.
Neurology Now 2006;6:17-19

Avitzur O. Grey matter’s anatomy.
Neurology Now 2006;6:10

Avitzur O. Waiting list.
Neurology Now 2006;5:44-45

Avitzur O. Poetry in emotion.
Neurology Now 2006;3:32-33

Avitzur O. Prescription for preventing common medication errors.
Neurology Now 2006;2: 44-45

Avitzur O. In case of disaster: Emergency planning.
Neurology Now 2006;6(1):34-35

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Neurology and Neurosurgery. May 2005

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December 2004

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October 2004

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October 2004

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August 2004

Avitzur O. Treatment for meralgia paresthetica.
Medscape Neurology and Neurosurgery. August 2004

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June 2004

Avitzur O. Daily persistent headache following mononucleosis.
Medscape Neurology and Neurosurgery. April 2004

Avitzur O. Medscape Journal Scan: Pain Management
April 2004
Medical Writing

Dr. Avitzur has written for a large variety of consumer and professional publications. She is a regular contributor to Consumer Reports, Consumer Reports on Health and CBSnews.com, and serves as a columnist and Associate Editor for Neurology Today.

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Media & Communications

Dr. Avitzur has appeared on numerous television and radio programs including The Today Show, The CBS Early Show, Fox News, CNN, and NPR. She has also been interviewed by a variety of print and web publications including O, The Oprah Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, ABC News, Martha Stewart Living, and Allure.

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Speaking & Teaching

Dr. Avitzur speaks frequently to professional and lay audiences on current health care issues, medical technology and neurologic conditions and treatments. Dr. Avitzur is a lecturer at the Yale University School of Medicine and an Assistant Professor at the New York Medical College.

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