Practice Publications

Avitzur O. Sellers beware: Private equity firms are targeting neurology practices.
Neurology Today 2019; 17:33-36.

Avitzur O. Nina F. Schor, MD, PhD, FAAN, deputy director of the NINDS: On harassment, equity, disparity and inclusion.
Neurology Today 2019; 15:13-14,19.

Avitzur O. A pipeline program inspires future neurologists.
Neurology Today 2019; 13:29-30.

Avitzur O.   They’ve been cyberbullied: Now these neurologists are speaking out.
Neurology Today 2019; 10:21-23.

Avitzur O.   If you’re looking for work, you’re in luck.
Neurology Today 2019; 3:1, 48-49

Avitzur O.   Meet neurology’s diversity leaders.
Neurology Today 2019; 1:1, 12-13

Avitzur O.   The CMS decision on payment to physicians is in: What’s next?
Neurology Today 2018; 21: 1, 13-15, 19

Avitzur O.   Why the 2019 CMS proposed fee schedule could portend financial catastrophe for neurology.
Neurology Today 2018; 19: 1, 54-57

Avitzur O.   What the 2019 proposed rule by Medicare will mean for your coding — and neurology practice.
Neurology Today 2018; 19: 60-61

Avitzur O.   Neurologist or specialist: where do you fit in?
Neurology Today 2018; 18: 26-27

Avitzur O.   Women neurology chairs:  On gender disparity and what they are doing about it.
Neurology Today 2018; 8:47, 48, 51

Avitzur O.   What will determine the future of academic neurology?  Neurology chairs had this to say.     
Neurology Today 2018; 4:12,14

Avitzur O.   A novel mentorship program to strengthen the neurology pipeline. 
Neurology Today 2018; 3:10-11

Avitzur O.   Lean processes that can make robust changes to your practice.
Neurology Today 2017;2.3:1, 26

Avitzur O.   Why advanced practice providers are the most rapidly growing sector of the AAN.
Neurology Today 2017;13:34-35.

Avitzur O.   Why some burned out neurologists are dropping out.
Neurology Today 2017;18:19-20.

Avitzur O.   Leaders in neurology: Up close & personal with AAN president-elect James C. Stevens, MD.
Neurology Today 2017;13:34-35.

Av.itzur O.   Female neurologists don't negotiate job offers: How we can start.
Neurology Today 2017;7:1, 33-37.

Avitzur O.   The leakiest pipeline: All too few women get to run their own neuroscience labs.
Neurology Today 2017;3:1, 18-20.

Avitzur O.   Gender salary inequality worst in neurology: What can be done to remedy the matter?
Neurology Today 2016;22:17-18.

Avitzur O.   Five new(ish) acronyms that are changing physician payment:  How they will affect you.
Neurology Today 2016;5:10-11.

Avitzur O. Greece's austerity measures cripple neurologists--in public and private practice.  
Neurology Today 2015;16:1,28-30.

Avitzur O. More neurologists transition to concierge-type practices — What they're doing to make it work.
Neurology Today 2015;7:14-16.

Avitzur O. AAN to develop a clinical registry for neurology.
Neurology Today 2015;3:11-13.

Avitzur O. Can I charge for emails, telephone calls, forms, and other tasks outside traditional billing codes?
Neurology Today 2014;19:22-24

Avitzur O. Can I charge for that? Missed appointments, after-hour refills,and other tasks.
Neurology Today 2014;8:42-45

Avitzur O. Welcome to the new insurance marketplace: How to navigate the bumpy road ahead.
Neurology Today 2014;17:36-37

Avitzur O. Neurology a little too up close and personal: Why 'Black Box' is must not see TV.
Neurology Today 2014;9:40,42-43

Avitzur O. What does gender have to do with it? Why the AAN wants to break neurology's glass ceiling.
Neurology Today 2014;5:32-34

Avitzur O. Medicare advantage loses its advantage: UnitedHealthcare responds by dropping providers. 
Neurology Today 2014;1,10-11

Avitzur O. New proposed cuts in EEG imperil epilepsy care.
Neurology Today 2013;17:1,7-8

Avitzur O. ICD-10 is almost here: Get ready, don’t get an “F41.0”.
Neurology Today 2013;18:37-38

Avitzur O. From their own boss to employee: what neurologists who left private practices have gained — and lost.
Neurology Today 2013;16:1, 32-34

Avitzur O. From the emerging leaders forum: a look into the future of neurology.
Neurology Today 2013;13:37,38-40

Avitzur O. Foul play under our watch; When a change in mental status raises suspicion.
Neurology Today 2013;13:1,18-19

Avitzur O. Modern neurohospitalists at the crossroads of an existential crisis.
Neurology Today 2013; 10:32-33

Avitzur, O. How do you get paid? As RVU methodologies gain favor, what you should know. 
Neurology Today 2013;8:10-11

Avitzur, O. Neurology debuts in Masterpiece Classic’s ‘Downton Abbey’:  Does it make the grade? 
Neurology Today 2013;4:1, 20-21

Avitzur O.  5 things neurologists and patients should question. 
Neurology Today 2013;4:1,22-24

Avitzur O. Medicare slashes neurology reimbursements—Neurology takes a hit.
Neurology Today 2012;23:1,25-26

Avitzur O. What's causing burnout among neurologists in private practice?
Neurology Today 2012;22:29

Avitzur O. Sexual misconduct: Don't let your actions place you at risk.
Neurology Today 1012;19:32-34

Avitzur, O. The unintended consequences of conflict of interest disclosures.
Neurology Today 1012;12:18,19

Avitzur, O. Ten tips to help prep for the press.
Neurology Today 2012;18:20-22

Avitzur, O. Are Neurologists happy? Spiritual? Answers to these and other findings from the 2012 Medscape physician survey.
Neurology Today 2012;11:41-42

Avitzur, O. Industry set to disclose all conflicts: How will patients and their neurologists react?
Neurology Today 2012;6:34,35-36

Avitzur, O. More death by a thousand cuts: Neurology in the crosshairs as CMS seeks to slash reimbursement for ‘bread and butter’ codes.
Neurology Today 2012;6:13-16

Avitzur, O. A NY subway journey: A neurologist, a reporter, and a sleep-deprived neurology fellow.
Neurology Today 2012;2:44-45

Avitzur, O. Meet New York's most acclaimed new chef: Neurologist Miguel Sanchez Romera.
Neurology Today 2011;24:13-14

Avitzur, O. Young neurologists express career regret.
Neurology Today 2011;21:59-60

Avitzur, O. Two self-proclaimed neuroscience ‘geeks’ decipher the zombie brain.
Neurology Today 2011;15:32-34

Avitzur, O. Career Tracks: How to make part-time neurology work for the practice — and the family.
Neurology Today 2011;15:6-7

Avitzur, O. When a disaster hits: How neurologists can prepare. 
Neurology Today 2011;14:6-7

Avitzur, O. Is there a neurologist on this plane? True stories from above the clouds.
Neurology Today 2011;13:36,41

Avitzur, O. Father, son, and daughter neurologists: From 24/7 to finding a work family balance. 
Neurology Today 2011;13:43, 46-47

Avitzur, O. A family affair: neurology is in their blood. 
Neurology Today  2011;12:25-26

Avitzur, O. Accountable care organizations trigger merger frenzy
Neurology Today 2011;8:17-18

Avitzur, O. What is the AAN doing to protect your practice? 
Neurology Today 2011;5:28-29

Avitzur, O. Starting the year right by busting ten billing and coding myths. 
Neurology Today 2011;2:16-17

Avitzur O. What to do when patients become violent. 
Neurology Today 2010;22:8-9

Avitzur O. Employment contracts: What you need to know before you sign on the bottom line.
Neurology Today 2010;19:38,40

Avitzur O. More neurologists living la vida locum: The pros and cons
Neurology Today 2010;18:28, 29, 32

Avitzur O. When neurologists sue for defamation.
Neurology Today 2010;17:16-17

Avitzur O. Have you cut costs enough? Dollar saving strategies to keep practices afloat. 
Neurology Today 2010;14:22-23

Avitzur O. Is it legal to buy bootleg Botox? Answers to this and other member queries. 
Neurology Today 2010;13:38

Avitzur O. The demise of private practice neurology: Death by a thousand cuts. 
Neurology Today 2010;10:1,14

Avitzur O. The ordeal of medical malpractice lawsuits: even when you win you lose. 
Neurology Today 2010;4:20-21

Avitzur O. How you can avoid being the unwitting victim of employee theft. 
Neurology Today 2010;3:26-28

Avitzur O. When neurologic illness hits home--a blessing and a curse.
Neurology Today 2010;1:18-19

Avitzur O. Epilepsy is contagious, doctors eat brains, and other cultural myths that affect our patients. 
Neurology Today 2009;16:24-25

Avitzur O. Neurologists need to screen patients for history of abuse.
Neurology Today 2009;8:10-11

Avitzur O. Your decisions on compensation plans: from equal share to pure productivity and everything in between. 
Neurology Today 2009;6:24-25

Avitzur O. Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Oliver Sacks.
Neurology Today 2009;3:32-35

Avitzur O. Physician and patient satisfaction surveys:  Taking the pulse of your practice.
Neurology Today 2009;2:20-21

Avitzur O. Tips to market your practice for the new year.
Neurology Today 2008;24:20-21

Avitzur O. Neurologists turn to FDA MedWatch to stay informed on drug safety.
Neurology Today 2008;20:14-15

Avitzur O. The Physician Quality Reporting Initiative: The good, the bad, and the ugly.
Neurology Today 2008;18:27-28

Avitzur O. The Drachmans at work: a twin century of neurology.
Neurology Today 2008;15:26-28

Avitzur O. Gold members of the AAN reflect on fifty-plus years as neurologists.
Neurology Today 2008;15:25-26

Avitzur O. The argument for evidence-based medicine and the AAN's most sought after resource.
Neurology Today 2008;7:31-32

Avitzur O.  NINDS eases the way for community neurologists to conduct clinical research trials.  
Neurology Today 2008;8:19-20

Avitzur O. Mitigating risk: what neurologists should know to reduce med-mal and other liability exposure.
Neurology Today 2008;4:20-22

Avitzur O. Maintenance of certification: what it means to you and how the AAN can help. 
Neurology Today 2007;24:24-25

Avitzur O. Neurologists-cum-insurance execs provide an insider's view of industry practice. 
Neurology Today 2007;23:27-28

Avitzur O. Drug reps at our doors: do they influence our prescriptions? 
Neurology Today 2007;21:21-22

Avitzur O. How to advocate for our disabled patients in the workforce. 
Neurology Today 2007;15:18-19

Avitzur O. Neurologists John Castaldo and Lawrence Levitt swap patient stories in The Man With the Iron Tattoo and Other True Tales of Uncommon Wisdom.
Neurology Today 2007;14:19-20

Avitzur O. A tale from Katrina -- A happy ending. 
Neurology Today 2007;12:13

Avitzur O. Your obligations to patients who speak limited English
Neurology Today 2007;11:18-19

Avitzur O. Neurologists at home help spinal cord victims of Kashmir earthquake. 
Neurology Today 2007;8:44-45

Avitzur O. Neurology in New Orleans: Still in crisis eighteen months after the storm. 
Neurology Today 2007;8:14-15

Avitzur O. Starting Solo: What every neurologist should know. 
Neurology Today 2007; 7:15-16

Avitzur O. Cell phone interruptions and other bothersome patient behaviors: How neurologists cope. 
Neurology Today 2007;1:21-22

Avitzur O. New directions and advice for AAN practice management
Neurology Today 2006;24:23-27

Avitzur O. 3 LBS.-Finally, a TV show about neurology. 
Neurology Today 2006;23:30-31

Avitzur O. Why an apology goes a long way when medical errors occur. 
Neurology Today 2006;2):16,19

Avitzur O. When neurologists (or family members) are also the patients. 
Neurology Today 2006;20:19-20

Avitzur O. What physicians can say about off-label therapies-lawsuits could set new precedents.
Neurology Today 2006;20:10-12

Avitzur O. Rejecting denials.
Neurology Now 2006;4:36-37

Avitzur O. How does your practice compare? A how-to guide to practice benchmarking. 
Applied Neurology 2006;2:41-43

Avitzur O. How do other healthcare systems work? Neurologists around the world respond. 
Neurology Today 2006;18:20-21

Avitzur O. Neuroimaging precertification: How to decrease the escalating burden.
Neurology Today 2006;19:22-23

Avitzur O. US neurologists argue for a universal health plan but differ on the details. 
Neurology Today 2006;6(16):17-18

Avitzur O. As public expectation for tPA grows, so too do lawsuits; How neurologists can reduce malpractice risk. 
Neurology Today 2006;6(9):31-32

Avitzur O. Profiling and pay-for-performance: Is it quality or cost that matters? 
Applied Neurology 2006;3:36-38

Avitzur O. Stipends for stroke call create new pressures, demands on neurologists. 
Neurology Today 2006;6(7): 6-7

Avitzur O. Neurologists respond as new neurodiagnostic test hits the general market.
Neurology Today 2006;6(14):4-5

Avitzur O. Neurology meets theater and gets it right! 
Neurology Today 2006;6(7):40-41

Galetta SL, Jozefowicz R, Avitzur O. Advances in neurological education: A time to share. 
Annals of Neurology 2006; 59(4):583-90

Avitzur O. Is subspecialty certification a boost or bust for neurology? 
Neurology Today 2006;6(5):28,33

Avitzur O. For New Orleans neurologists, living in the Big Easy takes its toll; those who left struggle anew. 
Neurology Today 2006;6(5):18,23

Avitzur O. Neurologists offer aid in earthquake devastated Pakistan. 
Neurology Today 2006;6(5):16

Avitzur O. Quietly making a difference: Neurologists as unsung heroes. 
Neurology Today 2006;6(4):15-16

Avitzur O. New year’s resolutions for neurology practices. 
Neurology Today 2006;6(1):30-31

Avitzur O. A neurologist and her family find friends waiting to be met. 
Neurology Today 2005;12:4-5

Avitzur O. How to safeguard your practice from disaster.
Neurology Today 2005;12:12-13

Avitzur O. Neurologists shine in darkness at Charity Hospital.
Neurology Today 2005;10:1,9-10

Avitzur O. Neurohospitalists: A new term for a new breed of neurologist.
Neurology Today 2005;10:44-45

Avitzur O. Neurologists make sports and fitness part of work and play. 
Neurology Today 2005;9:40-42

Avitzur O. Neurologists and their avocations: Integrating work, home and play. 
Neurology Today 2005;8:42, 46-7

Avitzur O. Seeking neurologists: Why it''s hard to recruit the right candidate. 
Neurology Today 2005;7:9-10

Avitzur O. Want to boost the bottom line? weigh the risks carefully. 
Neurology Today 2005;6:6,10-11

Avitzur O. Neurologists in biotech and pharma: Challenges and opportunities. 
Neurology Today 2005;5:28-30

Avitzur O. Stem cell research and federal policy: Enter politics, exit scientists. 
Neurology Today 2005;4:22-24

Avitzur O. Neurology residency programs: Are they meeting today’s challenges? 
Neurology Today 2005;3:39-40

Avitzur O. Medscape Neurology and Neurosurgery. 
March 2005: Guest Editorial -- Magic Bullets and Economic Realities. 

Avitzur O. Neurology residency programs: Are they meeting today’s business challenges? 
Neurology Today 2005;2:74,79

Avitzur O. Clinical research trials in private practice: Under legal scrutiny. 
Neurology Today 2005;1:72-74

Avitzur O. Clinical research trials in your private practice: How to address the ethical challenges. 
Neurology Today 2004;12:63-64

Avitzur O. How members can make changes in coding that impact practice. 
Neurology Today 2004;11:70-73

Avitzur O, Vatz K. Medscape Neurology and Neurosurgery. 
November 2004: Guest Editorial -- Treading Water in Clinical Neurology

Avitzur O. Understanding our risks: What we can learn from medical malpractice data involving neurologists.
Neurology Today 2004;9:42, 47-48

Avitzur O. Patient education resources to help neurologists. 
Neurology Today 2004;6:44, 49-50

Avitzur O. How to communicate effectively with patients: Advice from the US Surgeon General. 
Neurology Today 2004;5:34,37

Avitzur O. Managed care games: How to say no to payer discount abuse. 
Neurology Today 2004;4:55-56

Avitzur O. Are you ready for an audit? 
Neurology Today 2004;3:25,28,31

Avitzur O. Neurologist focus on patient safety. 
Neurology Today 2004;2:12,15-16

Avitzur O. Is declining reimbursement forcing neurology into extinction? 
Neurology Today 2004; 1:54,59

Avitzur O. Neurologically speaking: Expert tips on giving presentations. 
Neurology Today 2003;11:42,44

Avitzur O. Cash flow alert: Problems coming with new HIPAA rules. 
Neurology Today 2003;10:48,50

Avitzur O. Neurologists become activists in response to medical liability crisis. 
Neurology Today 2003;9:24,28-29

Avitzur O. Medical liability survey confirms practice changes. 
Neurology Today 2003;8:8-12

Avitzur O. Practice strategies to reduce no-shows. 
Neurology Today 2003;7:22,27

Avitzur O. No more free lunch: The new pharmaceutical guidelines. 
Neurology Today 2003;4:12-14

Avitzur O. Practice overhead: Insurance costs rise across all lines. 
Neurology Today 2003;3:26-28

Avitzur O. Liability insurance more than doubles for most neurologists. 
Neurology Today 2003;1:14-15

Avitzur O. Get your house in order: Re-evaluate overhead for 2003. 
Neurology Today 2002;12:24-25

Avitzur O. What neurologists need to know before signing on to managed care contracts. 
Neurology Today 2002;10:29-32

Avitzur O. Neurologists turn to PAs and NPs. 
Neurology Today 2002;7:33-35

Avitzur O. What do you mean I can be sued? - How to protect yourself against potential legal liability. 
Neurology Today 2002;6:30-31

Avitzur O. Medicare: What to do When claims are rejected. 
Neurology Today 2002;4:22-23

Avitzur O. Strategies to improve the bottom line. 
Neurology Today 2002;1:36-37

Avitzur O. Do neurologists need MBA's to conduct the business of medicine? 
Neurology Today 2001;4:10,15