Technology Publications

Avitzur O.  Neurologists on social media: The Women Neurologists Group
Neurology Today 2018;14:5:38.

Avitzur O.  Why we Tweet: Neurologists tell all.
Neurology Today 2018;17:5:33-35.

Avitzur O.  Clinical informatics: a nascent subspecialty gains momentum--and neurologists are in the mix. 
Neurology Today 2015;12: 18-19

Avitzur O. Your patients can read their entire medical record online: OpenNotes is coming your way.
Neurology Today 2015;6:24-28

Avitzur O.  E-Iatrogenesis, cloning, pseudo-histories and other unintentional pitfalls of electronic health records: An interview with James Bernat, MD. 
Neurology Today 2013;7:27-28

Avitzur O. Neurologists meet meaningful use and collect incentive dollars.
Neurology Today 2012;23:46,52

Avitzur O. Should your medical records be an 'open book' to your patients?
Neurology Today 2012;21:8-12

Avitzur O. The worst features of EHR and how to fix them.
Neurology Today  2012;19:22-27

Avitzur, O. How to get the most from your EHR training — And what can (and sometimes does) go wrong. 
Neurology Today 2011;20:39-40

Avitzur, O. How neurologists are using the newest tablets--in and out of the clinic. 
Neurology Today 2010;34:22-24

Avitzur O. Sending a robot to do a neurologist's job. 
Neurology Today 2010;16:1,13,16

Avitzur O. Is teleneurology replacing the neurologist? 
Neurology Today 2010;15:1,11-13

Avitzur O. Neurologists friend and tweet too! 
Neurology Today 2010;6:14-15

Avitzur O. Neurologists form own networking sites in droves.
Neurology Today 2009;13:13-14

Avitzur O. Finding patient support online. 
Consumers Report on Health July 2008

Avitzur O. EHR bake-offs: lessons learned by the AAN EHR work group. 
Neurology Today 2008;24:15-16

Henson, JW, Avitzur O. The online neurologist.
Nature Clinical Practice Neurology 2007;3:589

Avitzur O. How neurologists are using podcasts in practice, for courses, and patients. 
Neurology Today 2007;17:24

Avitzur O. Virtual support.
Neurology Now 2007;2:40-41

Avitzur O. Voice and scripts--worth taking another look?
Neurology Today 2007;4:41-42

Avitzur O. Blogs, wikis and other cutting edge technologies for neurology.
Neurology Today 2007;3:24-26

Avitzur, O. Stroke in the wilds: Telemedicine to the rescue. 
Neurology Today 2006;6(10)18-19

Avitzur O. David J. Brailer, MD, PhD, shares strategies at presidential plenary today. 
Neurology Today Meeting Dispatch April 4, 2006;6-7

Avitzur O. A worldwide web of personal health records.
Neurology Now 2006;3:36-37

Avitzur O. Testing the EHR waters with electronic prescribing. 
SureScripts Leadership in Electronic Prescribing 2005

Avitzur O. Mobile computing in neurologic practice. 
Applied Neurology 2005;5:D1-D8

Avitzur O. Computerized tools take the mystery out of coding, billing, and reimbursement. 
Applied Neurology 2005;8:33-36

Avitzur O. Physician practice web sites growing in number. 
Applied Neurology 2005;10:33-36

Avitzur O. Can''t find the right EHR? Help is on the way. 
Neurology Today 2005;11:40-41

Avitzur O. Neurology listservs: A growing trend in acquiring knowledge. 
Neurology Today 2004;10:50,55

Avitzur O. Electronic prescription writing - Neurologists weigh in. 
Neurology Today 2004;8:36,38

Avitzur O. Computerizing your office: Expert tips on how to select the right vendor. 
Neurology Today 2004;7:53,55

Avitzur O. Neurology patients are among the most active online users for disease information - How neurologists can help. 
Neurology Today 2003;12:45

Avitzur O. Neurologists speak up! An analysis of voice recognition software. 
Neurology Today 2003;6:17-18

Avitzur O. Neurologists struggle to find the right EMR. 
Neurology Today 2003;5:25-26

Avitzur O. Telemedicine: How neurologists use the Internet to enhance clinical decision-making. 
Neurology Today 2002;11:32-34

Avitzur O. Online CME: Learning opportunities for neurologists expand. 
Neurology Today 2002;9:26-27

Avitzur O. Neurologists online: You’ve got mail! 
Neurology Today 2002;8:30-31

Avitzur O. Electronic medical records: How neurologists go paperless. 
Neurology Today 2002;2:30-31

Avitzur O. The future of neurology is at hand part II: Handhelds in hospitals: better than paper. 
Neurology Today 2002;3:30

Avitzur O. The future of neurology is at hand: Enhancing practice at the point of care. 
Neurology Today 2002;2:34-35

Avitzur O. How technology can help improve your bottom line. 
Practical Neurology 2002;3:14-15